Your financial health and potential for building wealth is dependent on your habits. My favorite 3's  are Financial Resolutions, Money Matters,Financial Habits

Financial Resolutions | Money Matters | Financial Habits


Your financial health and potential for building wealth is dependent on your habits. My favorite 3’s  are Financial Resolutions | Money Matters | Financial Habits. Every New Year, people set New Year resolution and goals, and after two weeks they often abandon them. This year I need to provoke you not to set goals, but rather make a promise to YOURSELF to set a good.

A goal is something you’re endeavoring to do, endeavoring doesn’t guarantee you will do it. You can set a goal to be hanging out with your friends every weekend. They will understand that it’s just a goal and not a promise so they wouldn’t be surprised if you failed to show on one of the days.

You’ve presumably thought about your finance habits to embrace or drop this year. The contrast between excelling and falling behind boils down to little activities you engage in more than once.  Below are lists of things you can do, if you want to create more financial success in 2019.

It’s usually very nice when you start fulfilling your promises from January and below are the things that should be your top priority this year.


  1. Invest in yourself: Acquire new and marketable skills
  2. Start planning your budget  : You may want to read up on  The 50/30/20 Rule for Budgeting
  3. Go on an investment journey : 7 Steps to a Successful Investment Journey
  4. Diversify your investments
  5. Acquire what you need and not what you want
  6. Read investment books
  7. Go through this list every month to check if you are on the right track


 Final thoughts

Your financial life should be your highest priority. Give it more attention and it will keep you out of debt.




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Remember ; financial intelligence is the gateway to riches

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