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Invest Wisely: Don’t Fall Prey to Promises of High Returns

Do not get carried away, invest wisely and don’t fall prey to promises of high returns  on investment within a short time. Just like the saying ” if it sounds too good to be true, run for your life” . Think about it logically: Why would someone offer you a high return within a short period of time without doing much.

If you know how to double your investment within a few days, would you rather keep cashing out quietly or share it with the crowd? There are lots of low risk investments like the money market and treasury bills that you can safely invest in.

Is the investment company registered?

Being a registered company does not necessarily give you a green light to invest as most fraudulent companies are finding ways to registering with regulatory agencies. you may want to check their date of registration to ascertain that they have been in business for long. this will proof their credibility up to a certain level.

Who has custody over the investor’s capital?

It is imperative that the investor’s capital is not held in the same account as that of the investment company, a situation known as “self-custodian.” Having an independent firm provide custody of the investor’s capital is an essential layer of protection against misappropriation of funds.


Do they have a physical office?

Make sure there is a walk in office that you can always visit whenever you have a complaint. It’s also good to be able to put a face to the people you are giving your hard earned money. A company’s office space can be a clue to its stature; everything from its financial health to its work philosophy.





Remember ; financial intelligence is the gateway to riches

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