How to get rid of leaks in my finance

Ways To Plug Everyday Financial Leaks | Money Hack

The easiest way to plug leaks financial leaks is by paying attention to little expenses.  A small leak will sink a great ship” – Benjamin Franklin.  With my money management skill, I got to realize that I still have a very bad attitude towards money. It’s more like a tradition for me to hang out with my friends whenever I receive cash alert.

I always deduct the hangout money in my head from any lump sum that I receive, but the mistake I was making was that it would end up biting my overall budget badly.

Averagely, I was spending between 10,000 to 20,000 on hangout and I do this at least three to five times monthly. My money management app exposed this hidden money wastage. I realize that I’ve been personally throwing away almost 350,000 naira monthly unconsciously.

This is the same mistake a lot of people are making: they think Hangouts doesn’t happen everyday and feel cool to swipe their cards at will while declaring for the boys.

The boys are enjoying your future while you are trying to impress them. Imagine how much you would have in your bank account if you decide not to spend unnecessarily on hangouts for a year or few years. A year or years might sound like forever but if you are patient enough , January to December runs so fast.

Buying a bottle of wine or whiskey from a supermarket is cheaper than buying it at a lounge or bar. Who says you can’t enjoy your alcohol in your house? To make it more interesting, you can have your favorite music playing in the background and still have your friends come over.





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           Remember ; financial intelligence is the gateway to riches


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