Easy Rules Of How To Save Money On Valentines Day

Tips on Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas – Make Memories And Save Money

Tips on Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas is a topic that I’ve always been fascinated with, due to the big spending that happens on this day. According to National Retail Federation, it was projected that Americans will spend a whooping $20.7 billion on Valentine’s Day That’s a very big figure and there is a high probability that you will be contributing to this figure. Before you do so,let’s talk about how you can save money on Valentine’s Day. It is believed that couples that save together, stay together.   In this article, i will highlight clever ways to save money this Valentine’s Day.




Wait! No dictionary will give you the meaning of indoorcation because I only just birth it. Instead of going out to spend a lot of dough on a meal, you can spice up your Valentine by making a romantic dinner for your partner at home. It’s a romantic season and I’m sure He/She will find it sexy and romantic. Don’t forget to create a romantic atmosphere with candles and soft sweet music. Remember we are trying to save you money and this will in turn have a positive effect on your finance in the long term😁.




Don’t be confused. I know you are good at something. I’m assuming you know how to write a short love letter, create a poem and if you can sing , write and sing a song for your partner.



If you want to have a heartfelt time with your partner, why not spend time giving back to the community together. The benefit of doing things together is creating new memories which keeps your relationship fresh and at the end of the day, you don’t get to spend a dime. There are lots of volunteering works around you, go online or ask your friends about it.



I really need to stop coming up with meaningless words, but you have to pardon me just this time. There are lots of parks where you can go sit and chill with your partner. You can also go along with edibles. this will never be as expensive as visiting a restaurant and you will still get to enjoy your Val. day with your boo.




There are lots of spots around your city that you may not ordinarily want to explore but you can spice things up by exploring this places during this valentine season. An example is the famous cooked food market by Allen round about in Lagos. The food is cheap and the exciting memory of going to sit down there to eat will create an unforgettable experience.




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