The Importance of savings and vegetable theory may sound foreign to you, and you may also be wondering the correlation between vegetable and savings. I came up with Vegetable theory after realising that my favorite veggies vendor has been taking advantage of me.


It may sound surprising to you that  I am complaining about something as small as this, but I will explain to you how you can cripple your financial life by allowing unnecessary leakages  in your finance.

We are often careful about making big investments and huge purchases. However, we tend to spend recklessly on seemingly small expenses. Pay attention to small bills, and you will be able to cut down on your expenses ;It will all add up to a big sum.

On one of the weekends that my vegetable seller’s store was closed, I had to patronize  a different store which was where I realised I have been paying from 35 to 55 percent more on every purchase.  To make sure that the new store wasn’t trying to give me a discount so as to retain me as a customer, I decided to take a drive around , getting different veggie prices from different vendor. I almost became a statistician for about our hour or surveying market prices for Veggies.


I was totally disappointed when I learnt how much I have been throwing away. With an approximate of 11.7 USD weekly loss on 3 purchase, which sums up to 46.8 USD monthly, and yearly is 561.6 USD.  Also bear in mind that he has been my favourite vegetable vendor for a little over 4 years which sums it up to 2,246.4 USD.


You might think it’s so unnecessarily to worry about this but If you want to have a good and relatively stress-free financial life, you need to learn to save on every cent.

Cultivate the habit of saving money and it will help shape you and give you a comfortable financial future. 

Whatever money you spend is all gone and never coming back, but any amount you save is yours. You can also earn interest on your savings by putting your money to good use.

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